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Wonderstuff Night Mission Kit

SKU 252212KS
Wonderstuff Night Mission Kit
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  • Experience the thrill of espionage with the Wonderstuff Spy Night Mission Kit, featuring a collection of top-tier gadgets designed for spy surveillance, whether it's day or night!

    Included in this covert arsenal are:
    - Cutting-edge Night Mission Glasses: Equipped with green, white, and red LED lights, these high-tech glasses provide unparalleled vision in the darkest of nights
    - Invisible Ink Pen: Craft and convey secret messages with the utmost discretion using this clever pen
    - Micro Listener: Capture distant sounds and conversations with precision, ensuring you stay one step ahead
    - Motion Alarm: Set up an ingenious trap to maintain your security and peace of mind
    - Suitable for aspiring secret agents aged 6+