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Wonderstuff Hero Listening Device

SKU 236411KS
Wonderstuff Hero Listening Device
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  • Be a Super Spy! Microphone transmits to attached earphones, allowing you to listen to secret conversations. Point the receiver in the direction of the conversation you want to amplify

    Wonderstuff is designed to take you to a place where curiosity and fascination collide with the imagination. Marvel at the worlds of science, technology and nature. Be amazed as you play and discover. This toy is safety and quality tested and we guarantee that we've put it together using only the stuff of wonder!

    Kidstuff exclusive brand.

    - For ages 6 years +

    - Listen with earphones
    - Sensitive to distant sound
    - Fits into your pocket
    - Clip it to the belt
    - Batteries required: 2 X LR54/LR1130 (Included)