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The Raven The Cat Story Book Kids

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The Raven The Cat Story Book Kids
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  • Kids will love The Raven & The Cat Story Book from Sassi. Every morning at the window, the cat admired the fantastic flights of the raven. Watching him fly in his elegant black feathers, he fantasised about being free. Because he, unfortunately, could never get out of those four walls. The lady of the house was a teacher, as nice as a poisonous carnivorous plant. She spent all her time correcting his homework with a red pen, and didn’t want to be disturbed by anyone at all. Will the raven be able to devise a plan to free the cat, who is tired of being locked up all the time?

    A hilarious story about the value of freedom and friendship, which ironically underlines the importance of helping people in need.

    - Dimensions: H28.5cm x W23.5cm x D1cm
    - FSC certified paper
    - For ages 3+
    - Made in Italy