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Supercolor Color Recycled 60 Pieces

SKU 252246KS
Supercolor Color Recycled 60 Pieces
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  • The Geomag Supercolor line meets the needs of the most unbridled creativity. Amazing fun with an explosion of colors. Simple construction with magnetic rods and non-magnetic metal spheres captures the imagination of kids and adults alike.
    The Geomag Supercolor 60 pieces set includes 28 rods, 28 spheres, 2 square platforms and 2 pentagonal platforms. Magnetic rods and non-magnetic steel spheres that come together to create a huge number of shapes. And the platforms allow for even more rigidity to structures, allowing to carry creations more easily. The spheres click into the platform and can remain there, becoming a base for endless construction possibilities.
    What’s more, with the practical storage boxes you can have your Geomag rods and spheres with you all the time and keep everything neat after playing.

    - MAGNETIC DISCOVERY: The Supercolor 100% Recycled line is for kids to discover building with colors! Each colorful magnetic building set includes magnetic rods, non-magnetic spheres and square and pentagon bases
    - MAGNETIC CREATIVITY: Geomag magnetic toys use 100% recycled plastics for the rods and bases. These colorful pieces offer DIY building fun for ages 3-99! Magical magnets for kids and adults to explore their creative building skills
    - MAGNETIC CONSTRUCTION: This STEM-endorsed eco-friendly colorful set allows kids to learn the core concepts of magnetism, geometry, gravity, and engineering. Geomag Supercolor magnetic building sets make great educational gifts for boys or girls
    - MAGNETIC COMBINATIONS: Geomag magnetic discovery toys give endless combinations of magnetic building play for kids. The easy interlocking magnetic building toys ensure years of educational building fun. Super strong magnets in each magnetic rod core
    - MAGNETIC SUSTAINABILITY: This 100% recycled plastic toy set has 60 pieces and includes a portable storage box. Not suitable for kids under the age of 3. Geomag and kids - playing together for a healthier planet