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TOMY Shake Your Stories Game

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TOMY Shake Your Stories Game
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  • Shake and Create
    Use sounds and imagination to create amazing stories together!

    Shake to hear a sound. Start creating your story using that sound. Shake again for more inspiring sounds to continue your epic tale.

    150+ sounds to stimulate your imagination and help create stories.

    Different sounds for each age group:
    • Family – from 6+
    • Child – 4-6

    Several ways to play:
    - Storytellers – create entertaining stories and take turns in being the storyteller
    - Discovery – help young children develop their imagination through the magic of sounds
    - And many more… – be inventive in the way you play
    •Pick a theme or a hero to use as a trigger to create imaginative stories
    •As a parent use sounds as inspiration to create bedtime stories
    •Or .. Create your own rules

    Adjustable volume

    Age : 4-99

    1+ player