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Pop Up Peekaboo Garden

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Pop Up Peekaboo Garden
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  • Explore a sunny garden and find exciting pop-up plants and creatures hiding under flaps in this delightful book for little ones.

    What might be in the garden buzzing, creeping, chirping, crawling, or growing very tall? Look in the flowerbeds, under leaves, up in the trees, and in the pond, and discover the
    plants and creatures that are hiding. Babies and toddlers will love lifting the big flaps to find five peekaboo surprises popping up from the pages: a bright yellow sunflower
    growing taller and taller, busy honeybees gathering nectar and pollen, a spotty ladybird on a strawberry plant flower, a frog jumping across some waterlilies, and a cheery
    sparrow chirping in a cherry tree.

    The lively, read-aloud rhymes encourage literacy, while the beautiful pop-up scenes will surprise and captivate curious preschoolers as they guess what's hiding under each flap,
    and play peekaboo. And as little ones turn the sturdy board pages, they learn about nature and wildlife. For instance, they find out what the creatures eat and where in the
    garden you might find them.