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Penguins On Ice

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Penguins On Ice
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  • Penguins on Ice - the Celebration edition! Now with 20 extra challenges.

    Use your mind to keep the penguins on ice! Can you pack the ice so that every puzzle tile can fit on the game board? Can you also make sure that all the penguins are in the right spot?

    Step 1 - Choose a challenge and make sure you pay attention to the location of each penguin.
    Step 2 - Arrange the 5 puzzle pieces on the game board, one next to the other so they all fit.

    Inside the Box: Game board, 5 puzzle pieces with penguins, booklet with challenges and solutions.

    What the Experts Say: Playing Penguins on Ice stimulates the following cognitive skills: CONCENTRATION, LOGIC, PLANNING, PROBLEM SOLVING, SPATIAL INSIGHT, FLEXIBLE THINKING
    - For ages 6 years + 
    - 100 challenges
    - 1 player