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Mizzie The Kangaroo Mizzie Memory Match Cards

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Mizzie The Kangaroo Mizzie Memory Match Cards
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  • Flourish Your Mind with Mizzie The Kangaroo's 'Mizzie Memory Match & Flash Cards'! A multi-level memory match and flashcard game to flourish the curious toddlers' mind!

    The curious toddler's mind will HOP into a fun learning journey with our JUMBO 4-in-1 Mizzie Memory Match Game! This 36 Cards, 18 Pairs and 3 Level game set will exercise their blossoming brain in a FUN and INTERACTIVE way!

    Check Out How Mizzie Memory Match Is Made HERE!

    Perfectly sized for toddler's hands, this gorgeous 36 card, Mizzie Memory Match Game can be used to play 4 DIFFERENT GAMES:

    - Colour & Shape Sorting!

    - Memory Match up to 18 Pairs with 3 Levels between 4, 5 and 18!

    - Recognise Numbers and Count from 1-5!

    - Recognise Basic Lettering A-D with true Aussie items!

    This game will help your little one improve their:

    - Concentration, Alertness & Attention to Detail!

    - Visual, Short-Term Memory, & Sight Memorisation

    - Reasoning & Critical Thinking Skills

    - Colour, Shape, Number & Letter Memory

    - Ability to Group, Sort & Class