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How Does Your Body Feel Boxset

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How Does Your Body Feel Boxset
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  • This beautiful new set of books will help families support their children in developing their emotional regulation skills, enabling children and young people to feel confident, calm and in control of their reactions when they are feeling uncomfortable emotions.

    In the boxset you will discover:

    Four short books telling relatable stories written in rhyme that are filled with occupational therapy strategies and cognitive and mindset interventions, that are used by therapists worldwide.

    Simple, fun, bright & beautiful illustrations that will capture the eyes of children.

    Enjoyable reading for children aged 3 years (accompanied by an adult) – 8 years old.

    Child friendly language making it easy for children to follow and read with reference to concise and achievable strategies for children to use.

    Beautiful reminders that ALL feelings and emotions are a normal part of life, and that all feelings and emotions are valid.