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Haku Yoka 6 Bead Crayons Macaron

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Haku Yoka 6 Bead Crayons Macaron
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  • Introducing our Macaron Colors Bead Crayons, a delightful and eco-friendly coloring set that will add a touch of sweetness to your artistic creations. Each set comes in a compact box with dimensions of 55X235X33mm (2.2"x9.2"x1.3"), making it convenient to carry and store. Crafted with 10% Beeswax, these crayons are made with a commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness. With their unique bead shape, these crayons provide a comfortable grip and smooth coloring experience. The enchanting macaron colors will bring a playful and charming vibe to your artwork. Unlock a world of imaginative possibilities with our eco-friendly and irresistible Macaron Colors Bead Crayons, and let your creativity shine.