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WonderStuff Rocks Minerals & Gems

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Our amazing earth has a history of tens of thousands of years and has recorded changes in different periods. Rocks, gems, and fossils all tell that incredible history. Children need to understand their past, so Wonderstuff Rocks, Minerals & Gems has been designed to help children understand the origin of the earth and discover it's wonderous beauty.
Perfect for children to learn about geology with a 26 rock specimens, minerals and gems included. A full colour study guide , magnifying glass, handy indentification sheet and a space-saving storage case.
Show off your amazing rock collection to your friends and family!
They can test their memory with various mineral specimen memory games. At the same time, it will help children improve their observation ability, logical thinking ability, and complete learning through games! Also, a great way for kids to learn and play together, and parents are welcome too!

Wonderstuff is designed to take you to a place where curiosity and fascination collide with the imagination. Marvel at the worlds of science, technology and nature. Be amazed as you play and discover. This toy is safety and quality tested and we guarantee that we've put it together using only the stuff of wonder!

- Includes 26 different stunning rock, mineral and gem specimens
- 30 Tools ( ingredients & parts )
- Storage case
- Identification sheet
- Magnifying glass
- Adults supervision advised
- Suitable for ages 8 years +