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WonderStuff Magic Water Elf

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Make your own instant alginate marine animal figures with the Wonderstuff Magic Water Elf Set. Children can create a colourful underwater world, while learning important S.T.E.M principles.
They will enjoy the creative process of making different shapes, patterns and colours and then be amazed as their creations come to life.
They are easy and quick to make so the fun starts when the box is opened!
The Glow-in-the-dark elf is awesome!

Wonderstuff is designed to take you to a place where curiosity and fascination collide with the imagination. Marvel at the worlds of science, technology and nature. Be amazed as you play and discover. This toy is safety and quality tested and we guarantee that we've put it together using only the stuff of wonder!

- Includes 4 moulds and 4 different colours
- Non-toxic safe gels
- Easy step-by-step instructions included
- Adults supervision advised
- Suitable for ages 8 years +