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Jellystone Feelings Cube Sage

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Jellystone Feelings Cube Sage
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  • Helping little ones to express themselves through play!

    Born out of a collaboration between Two Little Ducklings and Jellystone Designs, the Feelings Cube was designed to help little ones express themselves through play! Each side contains a different textured visual illustration of emotion plus 4 different synonyms for that emotion. This is a great and fun way to help little ones develop the vocabulary to articulate their big emotions!

    What you need to know
    - Collaboration between 2 award-winning Australian brands: Two Little Ducklings and Jellystone Designs.
    - Made from toxic-free silicone
    - Each side features a different feeling or emotion with descriptive words
    - Roll, bounce, throw, squish and squeeze this sensory toy
    - Helping little ones express big feelings