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Hape Mini Conductors Orchestra

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Empower your child to orchestrate their musical journey with this interactive conductor toy. Wave the baton to control the instruments and explore the magic of music.

The Hape Mini Conductor's Orchestra features 6 main orchestra instruments with professionally recorded sounds, including a trumpet, piano, violin, cello, clarinet, and drum, bringing the magic of symphonies to life.
By waving the baton to change the music`s beat, your child can become the conductor and shape their musical journey, with 4 different conductor poses for added fun.

With versatile music modes, children can choose Music Mode for automatic playback and Performance Mode for a live orchestra experience, allowing them to experiment with tempo and create their own symphonies. Encourage your child to touch the instruments with the baton to play the sounds, which offers a dynamic musical experience.

The included instruction book imparts basic knowledge about symphony orchestras, helping your child learn about instruments, rhythm, and harmony.

- Product size: 40 X 30 X 18cm
- For ages 3 years +