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Hape Light-Up Balance Board

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Experience the magic of interactive light control with our smart balance board, where fun and fitness become an exciting balancing act! Children can dive into 3 thrilling modes and boost their balance with engaging challenges.

This smart balance board develops children’s balance, promotes muscle and brain development, and offers gamified interactive experiences. This balance board creates an enjoyable play and fitness experience that’s suitable for children and adults.
Children can control the display lights by swaying their body on the balance board to complete engaging balance challenges. As they improve their balance, they can tackle tougher challenges with the different game modes and levels.
Its simple battery installation and touch-button controls ensure easy startup and power management.

This balance board features a 35° safety angle, a 10° soft curve, and a robust solid wood body with non-slip fabric on the bottom.

The Light-Up Balance Board features 3 balance game modes:
Practice Mode: Children can hone their balance skills by making the blue light touch the white target light for 2 seconds. Quick reactions are key!
Challenge Mode: Take on increasing levels of difficulty. In the first level, overlap the blue and white streaks for 2 seconds. Can you master all three levels?
Bumper Ball Mode: Defend against the approaching yellow lights with your blue ones. Keep the yellow away from the red for a minute to win. Quick reflexes are needed!

- Product size: 85 x 30 x 18cm
- For ages 3 years +