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East Timor Charity

Helping Raise a New Generation

For more than 10 years Kidstuff and Australian Mercy have partnered bringing hope to children of East Timor through Kids' Ark.

Under the motto "helping raise a new generation" Kids' Ark has worked alongside the poor and under-privileged of the Hera District through:

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Disability programs
  • Sanitation and water projects
  • Community development

Kids' Ark is run by professional volunteers, and employs local teachers and medical staff. As needs are recognised by the local community, further projects are undertaken.


Kids' Ark healthcare provides vital medical services to pregnant women, children, the elderly and the disabled through a permanent facility, and mobile medical teams servicing rural areas. The medical staff remain on-call at all hours for emergency situations. The Kid´s Ark Community health clinic is approved by the East Timorese Department of Health, but receives no medicines or resources from them. Every day mothers and their children come to Kid´s Ark to seek medical help. The Ark also provides health education program that are run in conjunction with the preschool.


From humble beginnings in 2003 Kids' Ark has grown to two pre-school's and one primary school covering Prep to G6. Pre-schoolers graduate after two years and continue on through primary school to Grade 6.

The National Curriculum is taught in Tetum and Portuguese, both official languages. All teachers are Timorese, assisted at times by other full time staff.

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