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The five senses help all of us – adults and children! – interact with the world. Our five senses – taste, touch, hearing, smell, sight – help us have fun but also lets us know about danger.

Sensory play is vital for babies’ development from birth. It helps improve their attention span, memory, curiosity, and nervous system development. They are able to explore the world around them, asking questions and finding answers. As children grow, they continue to learn best by using multiple senses.

Stimulating a babies’ senses is important for cognitive development. It helps them learn and grow, but can also help them relax and sleep. A warm bath, rocking, low lights, soothing sounds…can all help baby to calm down.

Black, white and brights

When basically everything else is foggy, high-contrast patterns and images stand out. Black and white contrasts register powerfully on baby’s retinas and send the strongest visual signals to baby’s brain.

Encourage vision development

Black, white and bright designs help develop baby’s eye tracking skills, which can encourage them to understand where objects are in space as well as object permanence.

Facilitate attention span

High-contrast imagery has been proven to increase baby’s time spent looking at her environment.

Inspire curiosity

Your little one will want to discover more about the objects they can really see—and they’ll activate all of their senses to gather information.

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For Ages 0+ Month

Baby Einstein Infinity Block™ High Contrast Toy 


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With Baby Einstein’s Infinity Block, there are infinite ways your baby can explore new colors and patterns. Flip and fold the soft block toy inside out to create and reveal new images. Watch as your baby focuses on the high contrast black and white patterns, designed specifically for newborns as their eyes are developing. Touching and grabbing the various textures of the baby blocks promotes sensory exploration, while jingles and crinkles add to the tactile experience. This baby toy is filled with fun surprises, like the baby-safe mirror that will reflect your little one’s big smile. From tummy time to sitting play, the Infinity Block will give baby endless hours of fun.


For Ages 0+ Months

Baby Einstein - Contrast Critters


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These little toys are made for little eyes. Did you know your baby’s developing vision can see high contrast objects best? Baby Einstein’s Contrast Critters put the power of playtime right at your fingertips. As you move your fingers up, down and all around, your little one’s eyes are sure to follow. Baby sees best in black and white and with the high-contrast design, she’ll be encouraged to keep her eye on every wiggle and shake. She’ll even reach and grab to get her little hands on those adorable animals!


For Ages 0+ Months

Baby Einstein  - Playful Pyramid™ High ContrastToy


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Baby Einstein’s Playful Pyramid is a unique take-along toy that’s made to be mobile. A durable clip makes it easy to attach the stroller toy to baby’s favorite carrier or seat. Watch baby’s eyes grow wide as they focus on the carrier toy’s bold patterns and high-contrast colors. The visually stimulating design draws baby’s attention as his eyes develop. Detachable pieces make this baby toy the one thing you’ll need when you’re on the go. A rattle, clacker and large baby-safe mirror all introduce new aspects of the world to baby. As this little pyramid dangles above your curious newborn, they’ll start to see the world of adventure ahead.

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