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Wonderstuff Spy Watch

SKU 252217KS
Wonderstuff Spy Watch
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  • Introducing the Wonderstuff Spy Watch: Your Ultimate 8-in-1 Companion for Covert Missions, Day or Night!

    Unlock a world of espionage with the Wonderstuff Spy Watch, packed with essential features to make every mission a success.

    Key Features:
    - Decoder: Crack secret codes and encrypted messages with ease using the built-in decoder.
    - Secret Message Paper: Communicate discreetly with hidden messages on our specially designed paper.
    - LED Spot Light: Illuminate your path in the darkest of situations, ensuring you never miss a clue.
    - Stopwatch: Time your operations with precision, so you're always on schedule.
    - Light & Motion Alarm: Stay one step ahead with a reliable alarm system that detects any unwanted movement or light changes.
    - Message Drop Capsules: Exchange classified information with fellow agents using our top-secret capsules.
    - Night Vision: Equip yourself for nighttime missions with the included night vision capability, revealing what lurks in the shadows.

    Kidstuff exclusive brand. 

    - For ages 6 years +