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Tiger Tribe Jet Racers Bullseye

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Tiger Tribe Jet Racers Bullseye
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  • Colour, build and play with this all-in-one set ideal for aviation enthused kids.

    This comprehensive activity set contains pop-out planes primed for decoration with included stickers and vibrant markers. Construct the planes with propellors and aerodynamic protective nose cones to ensure a smooth flight, and the large format target sheets transition the creative activity into a fun game of skill.

    Great for solo or collaborative play, Jet Racers - Bullseye is a wonderful all-rounder activity: great for exercising fine motor skills and creative concentration and testing gross motor skills with flying and target practice.

    Comprehensive activity set promoting creative expression, construction skills and target practice play time
    Lightweight and hardy pop-out foam planes
    Colourful, retro design
    Each set includes: 6x pop out foam planes (3 full colour and 3 outlined), 6x propellers, 6x protective nose cones, 3x sticker sheets, 10x vibrant markers, 4x large target sheets
    Ideal for ages 5-9