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ThinkFun Amaze Game

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ThinkFun Amaze Game
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  • 16 Mazes, Right in Your Hand

    A maze that changes every time you play!

    Navigate through the maze with the attached stylus, pushing open movable gateways while avoiding traps and dead ends! An innovative twist on a classic maze puzzle, Amazes diabolical shifting pathways change the solution path during play! With 16 unique challenges and no pieces to lose, Amaze is the ideal travel game!

    Features: 16 Maze Challenges, 1 Hand-Held Maze with Stylus

    Type: Brainteasers

    Skill: Visual Perception and Reasoning

    Age: 8 and Up

    Players: 1 Player

    Box Size: 20.3 x 2.5 x 20.3 cm