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Bitzee Interactive Digital Pet Magicals core

by Bitzee
SKU 256253KS
Bitzee Interactive Digital Pet Magicals core
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  • Introducing Bitzee Magicals, fantastical digital friends you can really touch and feel! Just like Bitzee digital pets, Bitzee Magicals respond to swipes, tilts, shakes, and touch with sounds and silly reactions! Each Magicals character starts as a baby and needs your love and care to grow. The more you play, the more Magicals you’ll unlock! Feed them and play, rock them to sleep, clean up after them, and give them love. Watch them grow from a baby to an adult, to a Super Bitzee! When a rare or legendary Bitzee friend becomes a Super Bitzee, it splits into 1 of 2 possible Splitzee characters! Play unique games with your fully evolved Magicals and collect gems to add to your Treasure Chest to attract new characters! Plus, there are more ways to play: use the Magic Wand to cast spells and experience a fun transformation and earn new Potions as you play games to change your friend’s colors! Collect all 20 Bitzee Magicals and take your collection anywhere! Kids and adults will be mesmerized with Bitzee’s screen-free innovative twist on 90s toys & games. A must-have for birthday gifts and Christmas gifts! Includes 3 AA batteries. Bring home a new way to experience Bitzee toys with Magicals!

    DIGITAL FRIENDS YOU CAN TOUCH: There are 20 new Bitzee Magicals to collect! They react to your swipes, tilts & touch with sounds & silly interactions! Includes 3 AA batteries.

    20 BITZEE CHARACTERS IN 1 POD: Crack gems to attract magical characters! Discover Nessie, Kittycorn, Phoenix, Yeti & more, plus Super Bitzee unicorns, dragons, kitsunes & jackalopes that split into 1 of 2 Splitzee!

    NURTURE & PLAY: Like Bitzee digital pets, Magicals need your love & care! Pet, play, feed, rock them to sleep & give them love to grow from baby, to adult, to Super Bitzee!

    ENCHANTING NEW WAYS TO PLAY: Earn new Potions as you play Super Bitzee kids games & change your character’s colors; swipe through gems in the Treasure Chest; cast spells with the new Magic Wand & transform your Bitzee!

    MUST-HAVE GIFTS FOR 5-YEAR-OLD GIRLS & BOYS: Experience electronic pets collectibles like never before! Bitzee interactive toys for ages 5-7 & up are a screen-free alternative to a handheld game console or video games.