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41931 Extra DOTS S4

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41931 Extra DOTS S4
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  • Design any way you like with these animal-themed Extra DOTS! Make endless facial expressions and feelings with these tiles, featuring animal eye and mouth tiles, ear and paw bricks, plus 10 random decorated tiles. Add them to your LEGO DOTS bag tag, secret box or bracelet kits to freely express yourself and stretch your creativity. There's no wrong way to decorate your life! #dotyourworld Boost any kids joy in making unique DIY jewelry or room decor toys with this LEGO DOTS Extra DOTS Series 4 (41931) bag and inspire open self-expression. Whats in the bag is part of the surprise! Stretch a childs creative and design skills with this bag, featuring 105 collectible pieces including cute animal-themed tiles, cool colored tiles and 10 mystery decorated tiles. The pieces are great for decorating everything from bracelets to room decor items. Kids can also use these tiles with other DOTS sets, or any other LEGO set to customize them how they like! Any DIY arts-and-crafts fan will love tearing into this Extra DOTS Series 4 (41931) bag. The new colors and decorated tiles will be a fun anytime or bonus gift for boys and girls aged 6 and up. Give kids appealing crafts to create and use with LEGO DOTS toy sets. This bag of colored and decorated tiles and bricks will help build children's creative confidence while they have fun. LEGO DOTS extra bags offer open-ended creativity and boost kids self-expression through designing and customizing jewelry or room decor items, bringing the joy of LEGO play to a new group of kids. LEGO components meet stringent industry standards to ensure they are consistent, compatible and connect and pull apart reliably every time it's been that way since 1958. LEGO components are dropped, heated, crushed, twisted and analyzed to make sure they meet strict global safety standards.