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Wonderstuff Metal Detector

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Wonderstuff Metal Detector
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  • Build your own hand-held working Wonderstuff metal detector and go hunting for hidden metal with this kit! 19 timber and electronic pieces join together with no glue required. All you will need to add is batteries. Once ready to go, it will emit a noise when it is near any metals. Perfect present for budding treasure hunters or engineers!
    Make a metal detector that really works for finding treasures in your own backyard.

    Wonderstuff is designed to take you to a place where curiosity and fascination collide with the imagination. Marvel at the worlds of science, technology and nature. Be amazed as you play and discover. This toy is safety and quality tested and we guarantee that we've put it together using only the stuff of wonder!

    Kidstuff exclusive brand.

    - For ages 8 years +
    - 19 pieces
    - Illustrated instructions
    - Timber parts, battery pack, copper coil board and hardware
    - 2 x AA batteries and screwdriver required