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  • Time for Reading Comprehension is a series designed to help the child develop reading skills. Specific attention has been given to a variety of text types along with the development of understanding, interpreting and responding. Each unit addresses specific activities under the heading of understanding, interpreting and responding. It provides activities for the child to interpret the stories in the context of the text type. The stories within the text types further seek a response with activities that extend skills associated with reading and comprehension.The topics introduced encourage talking, listening and writing. They can further be developed into other areas of the curriculum. While the activities develop skills over time there are opportunities to practice and develop more advanced reading skills as the year progresses. The scope and sequence provides the teacher with the opportunity to plan lessons and achieve outcomes. Provision for simple registration of completed lessons is included for the busy teacher. A full set of answers is provided at the back of the book for the busy teacher and parent who have a child that can work independently in reading