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Same Day Delivery Available, $10 for Selected Metro. Click Here
Same Day Delivery Available, $10 for Selected Metro. Click Here
  • Pizza Co. turns kids into entrepreneurs as they bake pizzas to fulfil customer requests, calculate change, and invest their profits to upgrade their shop. The game introduces a fantasy land inhabited by cute animals who love to eat pizza. Pizza Co. gives kids a taste of how to run and grow a business.

    Kids use a physical pizza tray, toppings and play money to fulfil orders and make change, all while keeping the customer animals happy and their pizza shop humming.

    Pizza Co is suitable for kids aged 5 to 12 and automatically adjust to kids' skill level. Pizza Co. teaches kids to pick up nonverbal communication. The game leverages facial expressions and body language as feedback from customers to communicate whether the pizza toppings matched their requests and if the change is correct.

    Children learn through play with Pizza Co, combining tangible pieces with fun characters sparks their imagination and drive to learn. Train addition, subtraction, fractions all the way to strengthen fast paced mental math. They learn to pickup nonverbal communication skills, basic business concepts, and Imitative and cooperative play.

    What's in the Box:
    Pizza tray
    Money tiles
    Pizza Co. app
    Stackable storage

    Device Compatibility:
    Compatible with all iPads except Generation 1, iPad Pro 11-inch, and iPad Pro 12.9-inch. The minimum iOS version needed is iOS 9.
    Important: Requires an iPad and an Osmo base to play (Sold separately)

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