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Same Day Delivery Available, $10 for Selected Metro. Click Here
Same Day Delivery Available, $10 for Selected Metro. Click Here
  • This lovely Cactus Watch features a teach dial with contrasting coloured hands so your child will learn which is the hour hand and which is the minute hand. The minutes are written around the outside of the dial. It has a standard PVC band with buckle and is water resistant (but not water proof). Water resistance: 3 ATM. Created in Australia in 2006, the Cactus brand of watches for kids and teens is inspired by the Australian landscape – the wide-open spaces, the beautiful surf beaches, the modern cities and the healthy outdoor lifestyle. The design team have more than 30 years of watchmaking experience and believe that children want clean, fresh, colourful designs and quality products suitable for an active lifestyle. Features include: easy to read dials, durable quality, 100m water resistant and shock resistant construction. Cactus model number: CAC-58-M01. A note about water resistance in Cactus Watches:

    • 100m water resistant (10 ATM) watches are suitable for immersion in water, and ok to use at the beach or in the pool. They can be worn in the shower but hot water is never a good idea for your watch as it wears down the waterproof seal.
    • 30m water resistant (3 ATM) watches are splash proof only and cannot be immersed in water – they can endure light rain and hand washing splashes, but are not for use when swimming.
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