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  • The classic naval combat game is re-invented. New battlefield, new ships and new 'reveal' feature. Set up your fleet and get your radar ready--the naval battle is about to start. All hands to action stations. Plan your strategy with cunning and flair, and with a bit of good luck, your fleet will avoid direct hits.

    Defeat the enemy fleet and rescue your men in the classic tactical combat game. Carefully plot your co-ordinates, aim and fire. It's a hit. Which of your opponent's ships is it? Just the Destroyer--or could it be the Aircraft Carrier? Follow up with shrewd shots and skillful strategy to find out.

    Call out your coordinates and mark your hits and misses. “D-6.” “It’s a hit.” Try to destroy your opponent’s fleet before they destroy yours--then remove the mission sheet from the command unit to reveal the battlefield. The new double-sided battle grid brings even more excitement to Battleship.

    Use the reveal feature to see how close your hits were to your opponent's ships by removing the card in between the two sides of the board. If you can sink all the ships in your opponent's fleet before they sinks yours, you win the game.

    For ages 7+