Fantasma Magic Spectacular Retro Kit 125 Tricks

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Get ready to do some spectacular feats of astonishment with the new Spectacular Magic Set from Fantasma Magic's Retro series!

Instantly unscramble a scrambled Puzzle Cube!

•    Change one card into another, vanish a card and even restore a torn card with the Magic Card Box!

•    Make any small object float in mid-air with our Secret Levitation Device!

•    Take a bite out of a cookie.... And immediately restore it!

•    Divide a lady in three then restore her with the Zig Zag Lady- a pocket version of the famous stage effect!

•    Even the magic wand does tricks!

It all stores in a cool, collectible metal carrying tin that is specially designed to prop open, allowing you to do your magic straight from the case!  The included instruction manual makes these tricks easy to learn and awesome to perform!  As with all of Fantasma’s products, Spectacular is endorsed by the International Brotherhood Of Magicians — the only magic products on the market today to carry this seal!

All Fantasma products conform to the most rigorous child safety testing!

125+ Tricks

Age recommendation 6 years +