Squishmallows Regular - Assortment 8"


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The Squishmallows have arrived! Here’s your chance to grow your Squishmallow Squad with:-

  • Trina the Pink Chick - Trina loves to color and go on adventures with her brother Triston and their friends. She wants to be a deep sea diver someday and tries to help her brother get over his fear of swimming.
  • Sebastian the Lavender Bunny - Sebastian loves to spend his time playing basketball and one day wants to go pro in the NBL (National Bunny League). You can find him in the kitchen - eating or helping his mom.
  • Ruth the Pink/Purple Unicorn - Ruth loves the beach and exploring the ocean. She knows how to sail and takes her family sailing during the summer. In the winter you can find her dreaming of her next tropical sailing trip.
  • Esmeralda the Rainbow Tie Dye Unicorn - Esmeralda has quite the colorful personality. Her creativity is always shining through, especially in her artwork. Her collections brighten the room and inspire positivity wherever she goes.
  • Sunny the Honey Bee - Need to know if it's going to be raining next week or if you should pack a jacket? Ask Sunny! She's always had a knack for knowing just what's going to happen next when it comes to the weather, and looks forward to becoming a weather reporter when she's older.
  • Cookie the Flamingo - Cookie has been fascinated by flora and fauna ever since she's been able to walk. She aspires to become a botanist someday to teach others all about plants!
  • Shaun the Schnauzer - Shaun is a high-spirited fitness fanatic who loves to stay active. Whether it’s hiking, biking or rollerblading you will always find him outdoors. He’s the perfect friend to break a sweat and soak up the sunshine with!
  • Dawn the Fawn - Dawn is a tomboy who is always up for a camping adventure. She is fluent in all animal languages and loves to teach her friends all about the different animals who live in the forest. She hopes to be a park ranger one day!

***Price is for individual Squishmallows

Each Sold Separately

Approximate height: 20cm

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