Monopoly Cash Grab


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"Players will have a blast with this off the board Monopoly game! Experience a different way to play the Monopoly game! This off the board Monopoly game doesn't use a gameboard as players get up and get active as they grab cash and Chance cards. Load the Monopoly Money into the Money Blaster, and blast cash and Chance cards into the air. Everyone rushes to grab as much cash as they can. Keep a look out for the Chance cards that add more strategy to the game and help players get more money. Once the blaster is empty, the player with the most cash wins! The bank in this game is an electronic Money Blaster unit. Shuffle the Chance cards and Monopoly Money together and place them into the unit. Then place the Blaster on the spinner and get ready to catch, grab, and scheme for the cash. The player with the most cash at the end of the game wins! This Monopoly game gets players up and active. This game gets the excitement going right away as players dart about for the cash. Spin the spinner, and whomever it points to then picks up the Money Blaster, points it in the air above the other players, and presses the trigger sending the cash flying! Players use the Chance cards they've collected to scheme for more cash. This twist on the Monopoly game offers a different way to play this family favorite. Instead of houses, hotels, and tokens - say hello to an electronic Money Blaster that sends cash and cards flying. All players count up their cash and the player with the most wins. With active and quick gameplay, this is a great Monopoly game to add to family game night!"