RB-Seaside Holiday Puzzle 2x24p


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Ravensburger Seaside Holiday Puzzle – 2 × 24 Piece has super cute teddy bears

The Ravensburger Seaside Holiday Puzzle features 2 highly artistic images from the Holiday collection each of which has been precision cut into 24 piece puzzles. Perfect for kids who loves everything to do with construction sites.

Ravensburger has been making high-quality puzzles since 1891 in Ravensburger Germany where quality is controlled to ensure that no two pieces are alike. This makes it less frustrating as the puzzle is assembled.

Features :

Bright, brilliant colours provide just the right amount of contrast to assist in the completion of this puzzle.

Fun images of teddy bears whilst they holiday by the seaside, make this a fun puzzle for kids to complete.

High-quality pieces that fit together easily make the process of completing the jigsaw a fun pastime.

The box includes 2 by 24 piece puzzles that can be assembled separately into 26 by 18 cm pictures.

The high-quality full-colour box doubles as a jigsaw guide and storage.

Puzzles are great for working spacial control skills and improving spacial reasoning.

Brand: Ravensburger Puzzles

Genre: Summer Beach Puzzle