Baby Born Surprise

Baby Born Surprise Treehouse Playset


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The stork and the woodpecker have worked together to build a treehouse. An exclusive baby with adorable pink bodysuit and glittery yellow and orange wings lives on these two floors. In and around the house is a real fun park. The babies take the lift to the top floor, where a swing and a big wheel have been installed. The rainbow slide takes them back down into the garden. There the babies can swing under the slide, go on the horse or on the seesaw, or take a ride on the carousel. The flower shower with frog pump provides a welcome way to cool down from all the fun, with real water. Finished at the fun park? Simply fold up the treehouse for space-saving storage or to carry it to a friend’s house using the handle. BABY born Surprise Treehouse Playset. Including exclusive BABY born Surprise baby