Vehicle Play with Rallye and MotoGo!
10th May 2019

Vehicle Play with Rallye and MotoGo!

As toddlers grow, they begin to learn how to share, to play with others and to communicate. Children become more active and will start to explore their creativity from ages two and three. Kidstuff designed Rallye and MotoGo! as perfect companions to keep up with their boundless energy and support their sense of exploration. Our Rallye and MotoGo! brands also provide tools to help forge early and essential relationships with friends and family.


MotoGo! is a vehicle range designed for pre-schoolers from ages 18 months and up. These vehicles are made of soft plastic for safe play and are simple to control for tiny hands. This full throttle range encourages hand eye coordination, fine motor and gross motor skills as well as support that important social development stage.


Rallye is made tough and ready to love, lift, load or launch a rescue. Suitable for ages three years and up, Rallye includes vehicles and a range of accessories that will allow kids to role play, develop their fine and gross motor skills while letting their imagination run free! 


  • MotoGo! Speed City Garage Ages: 18+ months  $49.99 shop now

  • MotoGo! Go! Rapid Racer Ages: 18+ months   $39.99 shop now

  • Rallye Recycling Truck Ages: 3+ years  $69.99 shop now

  • Rallye Light & Sound Fire Engine Ages: 3+ years   $39.99 shop now