Travel Games
26th Jun 2019

Travel Games

Written by Tom Holdcroft

The school holidays are approaching faster than perhaps any of us would like. When that break is upon us, we find that hours of entertainment are needed to fill each day. Rather than this being a daunting concept, at Kidstuff we think it can be the perfect opportunity to do some learning outside of the classroom, and have some fun. Be it long car journeys to sunnier climates, or just rainy days at home, it is key during these months, that children are able to partake in activities which stimulate the mind.

One way to make sure that your child’s mind is stimulated is by providing them with games and activities which encourage problem solving. Particularly when travelling, this type of game engages children and provides a more sustainable learning experience, as children are less likely to discard the game after one use. A great example of a game which ticks all these boxes is Slamwich, by Gamewright. Putting a tasty twist into the concept of snap, build your double, triple or quadruple deck Slamwich. Fill it with all the yummiest ingredients; bacon, tomato, onion, lettuce. Watch out for the second slice of bread though, you’ll have to be quick to snap and win! This game inspires hours of fun, but also encourages children to concentrate on detail, reasoning and develop quick reactions in order to win the game.

Another great antidote to the long holiday journeys is Sushi Go! Another game brought to us by Gamewright, this one is excellent because of its handy travel tin. We all know how hard it can be to keep things together when we are on the move, so having something practical to store the game in is a blessing. This particular game is fast paced, so encourages problem solving in situations which require a quick response, a very important skill! What is really great about this game though, is that it also allows children to express their creative side. The goal here is to grab the best combination of sushi dishes, but don’t forget you can also score points for making the most Maki Rolls, or of course, for collecting a full set of Sashimi. As you can imagine, this game inspires hours of fun, smiles, and learning, everything you want from a pastime!

Travel games are often a means to an end; however, they can also be a great way to incorporate an impromptu fun learning activity into your day. Be it the compact classic games like Monopoly Deal that inspire quick thinking, or the slightly more whacky Rat-A-Tat-Cat which gets your children thinking about strategy in a suspense driven game, all these travel activities provide wonderful opportunities for learning. Your local Kidstuff team can always help you find the best game for your child, and we are always happy to challenge you to a test round of our favourites!


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