Top 5 Non Chocolate Easter Egg Hunt Ideas
5th Apr 2019

Top 5 Non Chocolate Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Written by Jane Yeoh

Easter doesn’t have to mean chocolate overload and sugar-laden treats to be fun! We’ve ditched the sweets and curated a list of 5 non-chocolate goodies that will still get the whole family into the Easter spirit!

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First Play Stack & Nest Birds


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Use these colourful critters as hiding spots for little goodies – small toys, coins, jewellery, etc.! Challenge your young ones to collect all four containers and sequence them correctly – one inside the other! 

Bello Breakfast Eggs


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These look like the real thing and comes in a little carton just like the ones Mum buys from the supermarket! Sit your little bunnies down for an arts and crafts session with ribbons, glue, sequins and get them to decorate their own Easter eggs! 

Pikmi Pops Doughmis Single Pack


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Who needs sweets when these smell as sweet as they do! Hide these around, and your child will even get a sweet smelling surprise donut plush once they find them! With 40 assorted surprises to collect, these are better than the real thing sans the sugar high!

First Play Match and Count Eggs- Available in stores only


Comes in a pack of a dozen, these eggs are perfect not just for hiding around the house, but teaches your little ones number recognition and helps develop fine motor and problem solving skills as well! Make it a little bit more challenging and separate the halves so they’ll have to collect every single one to join them according to the correct number of holes! 

Little Live Pets Surprise Chick Assorted – Available in stores only


These come with baby chicks in an assortment of colours – you just don’t know which one you’ll get until they hatch! Watch them come out of their eggs and hop around on their little legs!