26th Jul 2019


In the past week I have been lucky enough to visit a number of Kidstuff stores. From the chilly heights of Bowral, to the bustling, busy Miranda, and finally to sunny Cronulla. One thing stood out to me as the same at every store, and that was the passion of the staff who worked in them. How do you know you are visiting a Kidstuff store? You know because you are always welcomed with a friendly smile, expert knowledge and someone who is passionate about finding the right toy for your child.

Toys and education are our speciality at Kidstuff, but we also focus everyday on making sure we give children those magical memories they cherish. We love what we do, and being here for you at your local toyshop brings us as much joy as our products bring your little ones. From the classic wooden toy that lasts a lifetime, to the latest craze, to that educational toy that helps them finally ‘get’ times tables. Our products are second to none, and our staff are here to help you find the right one, test it out and help you with anything else you need.

At Kidstuff we love our customers, big and small, and recommending the perfect toy to put a smile on your child’s face is what makes our job wonderful. We are uniquely positioned to be able to recommend products which we know are excellent in quality, engaging, and have a tangible benefit for your child’s learning. We spend hours and hours making sure that we know everything about the products we stock (some people might call this playing) we call it ‘learning on the job’. So you can rest assured, we know where that screw goes. We know if it needs batteries. We know our LOL from our Beyblade. And if you come up with a question we perhaps don’t know the answer too, we will find out as fast as we can.

  • BELLO WEAR TO WORK TOOLS for ages 3+ years $29.99 shop now

  • TOMY HIDE N SQUEAK EGGSfor ages 12+ months $16.99 shop now

  • B. ZANY ZOO ACTIVITY CUBE for ages 1-3 years $129.99 shop now

  • OUR GENERATION PHOEBE FROM HAIR TO THEREfor ages 3+ years $69.99 shop now

  • BELLO HERITAGE BARN AND STABLES for ages 3+ years $129.99 shop now

  • MELISSA & DOUG WATER WOW! RANGE for ages 3+ years $12.99 shop now