Teach Your Kids About The Joy Of Music
5th Jun 2018

Teach Your Kids About The Joy Of Music

Children are very young when they learn about the joy of music! 

From birth they can be soothed by music and sound. Watch a toddler’s face light up when they recognise a familiar tune or discover they can use their body to join in. But music is not just great fun, it also helps with early brain and language development. When children play with musical instruments, they explore cause and effect. When they sing, they are practising language skills. Nursery rhymes with actions are great for fine motor skills and dance develops gross motor development. Listening to music, singing songs and playing instruments provides so many learning opportunities.

Kidstuff has a carefully selected range of musical toys to suit all ages.


Bello My First Xylophone 

Xylophones are wonderful first musical instruments for young children and can be used from the time they can steadily sit up. By gripping the sticks they are practising fine motor skills and exploring the different sounds develops understand of cause and effect. These are important early cognitive skills.

How to Use With Your Child:

1- Teach them about high and low sounds: You play a high sound and they reach up high with their body.

2- Play a low sound and they crouch down low or lay on the ground. You can then swap and your child plays a note and you go high or low!

3- Practice learning colours, teaching dynamics – soft and loud, and playing simple tunes.


Bello Carnival Piano

The Bello Carnival piano is a beautiful wooden toy piano in fun, bright colours. Young children can explore musical sounds and cause and effect as they learn early keyboard skills.

How to Use With Your Child:

1- Let them explore the sounds they can make with the piano

2- Teach them the difference between loud and soft sounds

3- Try putting on some music and learning the tunes together.

Get your hands on the Bello Carnival Guitar $39.99 SKU: 36495 and the BELLO CARNIVAL DRUM $29.99 SKU:36497 and turn your next play date into a jam!


B. Woofer Hound Dog Guitar 

This fun musical instrument is much more than a guitar! It’s destined to become your little rock star's best friend, with three musical modes: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and hound dog (yes, the notes are entertainingly howled).

How to Use With Your Child:

1-Offer your child endless ways to experiment with music, with strings to strum, eight chord buttons to press, and a working whammy bone bar.

2- Expose your children to pre-programmed songs that include 20 kids' sing-along favourites and nine puppy-style songs.

- The eight chord buttons play progressive low to high C chords.

- Strummed guitar strings produce both chord progressions and pre-recorded songs


Guitar strap

Volume control

Two-minute auto shutoff

Song book


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