STEM Toys: How to Choose The Best Ones
24th May 2019

STEM Toys: How to Choose The Best Ones

Written by Jane Yeoh

These days, children need to not only understand how to use technology but also how to build and control it – and that’s why education is increasingly focused on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

Thankfully, children are natural whizzes when it comes to building, probing, dismantling and are curious to learn about the ways things work. All you have to do is to nurture their creativity… besides cleaning up the mess after, that is!

With the marketplace now filled with STEM toys, what are some things to look out for when choosing the best ones?

  1. The Fun Factor

Learning never needs to – or should! – feel like a chore. STEM toys should encourage learning without making it feel tedious for your child. Construction kits, robot kits and microscopes are just a few fun ways to probe your little engineer’s curiosity as they figure out how things fit together to work.

  1. Choose an angle that your child already enjoys

Is your little one more of a Science whiz or a Mathematical genius? Maybe they love building and enjoy tinkering? Choosing the angle that they are already genuinely interested in will not only encourage their learning but may even cultivate their early passion in a specific STEM area

  1. Creativity and innovation

The best STEM toys provide open ended learning and allow creative exploration. They’re there as a guiding tool for children to discover wonders and harness their critical thinking abilities as they find their own answers to their “Why?”

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