Science Through Play
Posted by Felicity Frankish from The Babyvine ( on 9th Jun 2017

Science Through Play

Kids love science experiments (and so do I!). They are a great learning tool for littlies and put their inquisitive minds to the test. At the age of one, my daughter isn’t quite ready to help with the experimenting, but she sure does love to watch it unfold. Here are three great experiment ideas for your budding scientists:

Rainbow Skittles

Who can pass up an experiment that involves skittles! Not me, that’s for sure. This one is lots of fun and so simple – all you need is some skittles, a plate and a glass of warm water. Line the skittles up on a plate. It looks pretty cool when you put them in a circle, as all the colours run into each other. You could also experiment with different shapes. Little hands will have lots of fun with this part (and it’s their chance to sneak a skittle or two in the process), plus it is great for their fine motor skills. Once the skittles are set up, grab a cup of warm water and slowly poor it onto the plate. Watch as all the colours run out of the skittles, creating an awesome rainbow.

Coloured Flowers

This was a fun one I remember testing out when I was younger. Once again, nice and simple! You need a glass, some flowers (daisies work the best with their white petals) and some food colouring and water. You want to cut the stems of the daisies fairly short and at an angle. Fill up one glass with water and add a couple of drops of food colouring. Give it a stir and place the daisy in. You can set up three or four glasses with different colours. Leave them overnight (yes, this takes a little patience), and wake up to rainbow flowers.

Bicarbonate of Soda and Vinegar

This one is sure to excite the kids. Grab a tray from the kitchen and cover the bottom with bicarbonate of soda – be generous! Pour vinegar into a couple of separate dishes and dye each one a different colour. Grab an eye dropper, or just a teaspoon, and encourage your little one to pick up some of the vinegar and squirt or splash it onto the bicarbonate of soda. Watch their eyes light up as the fizzy reaction occurs. Kids find this so exciting.