9th Mar 2019


Written by Brittany Jaeger

We have all been on the receiving end of questions from children - some of which we can answer, some that make us chuckle and others which can leave us scratching our heads a little. Children use questions to navigate their understanding and curiosity about the world and science is often at the forefront of these questions. How we cook, travel, watch TV, all stem from the brilliant science of engineering, mathematics, physics and chemistry.

Science is a discovery and there is no better way to nurture a child’s curiosity than giving them their own hands-on experiments. Practical science can help develop problem solving skills, creativity, imagination, critical thinking and at the same time encouraging play and learning, which work hand-in-hand.

Let children discover for themselves, ask more questions and find more answers. Let them track a path across the globe to another country, mix together a concoction of ingredients to see how they will react, forage in the backyard and examine their findings down to their smallest cells, use the sun to power the robot they have built.

What is that? What does it do? How does it work? Why? Before you answer those questions the next time, maybe you can offer them a question of your own: How do you think we can find out?

Kidstuff is proud of our exclusive Wonderstuff range as a perfect avenue to help develop your child’s curiosity in science.


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