Playing the Learning Game
14th Jun 2019

Playing the Learning Game

Written by Tom Holdcroft

Learning can’t be fun? For far too long that has been the general notion when thinking about children and their education. Well, at Kidstuff we don’t agree. Learning is all about fun, and we have some of the most exciting, inspiring and engaging products in our stores, to help your family enjoy the magic of learning.

A quick internet search tells us, without doubt, that when children are enjoying themselves, they are more likely to retain information, making for a more valuable learning experience. Exploring concepts through games or puzzles can be an invaluable way to inspire discussion, and to guide children’s thinking on key ideas.

As children move through their learning journey, gaming and puzzles can go hand in hand with various milestones of development.Orchard Toys have been developing products, for over forty years, which really help children to meet these goals. Growing from their roots as a small company from Norfolk, England, Kidstuff is excited to be able to bring these outstanding products to Australian families. Games such as Orchard’s Dirty Dinos have become staples both in schools and family homes. Filling your bath tub full of sparkly clean dino friends encourages observation skills, inspires conversation, and helps children to make leaps and bounds with their literacy and language skills.

Whether you choose one of our Orchard games, or go for something more conventional such as Bananagrams, which of course helps children (and grownups) to think outside the box and use creative vocabulary, the jury’s in. When learning is fun, learning is better. 

At Kidstuff we’ll help you find the perfect fit for your family.


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  • Children love toys, but why not add a little bit of education in with the fun of their next toy? Watch the video below and find out why this is a perfect educational fun game!  

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