15th Feb 2019


    Kidstuff’s bestselling Magnetika range now has an exciting new set – the Light Tech Set! It contains 57 pieces including a multicolour LED tile to light up your creations!

    qBuild an incredible Ferris Wheel, a push along vehicle and so much more! Combine with other Magnetika™ sets to extend your play! Includes step-by-step instructions to complete one model then the imagination takes over for endless designs!

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  • *Now available in selected stores! Coming online soon.

    • The Magnetika™ range now has 6 fun sets of magnetic pieces for hours of hands-on play. Each set includes instructions for one design, but the possibilities for open-ended play are limitless!
    • Play is one of the best ways for children to learn new concepts and build on essential skills without even realising they are working! Magnetika™ tiles provides a fun way to develop some important developmental skills.

      Fine Motor Skills

      Grasping and using hands and fingers to manipulate objects helps develop important fine motor skills. It may be surprising to know that fine motor skills are an important early development that will help the future learning of your child, not just in physical activities but in academics as well. Picking up the tiles and placing them use fine motor skills. Pulling apart the magnetic pieces also involves motor skills.


      Magnetika™ tile sets come with instructions to build one model but the possibilities for creativity using magnetic tiles are endless! There are 6 great sets to choose from, or collect them all! Each set can be combined with the others for even bigger creations!

      STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

      Children will always want to know why. Playing with magnetic tiles provides a great opportunity to discuss the principles of magnetic pull. Building open-ended structures introduces basic engineering principles as they design and build. How many do they need on the bottom to support the rest of the building? How will they design it so that it will stand up? The Magnetika™ Motion Tech Set has the added benefit of axles and wheels so kids can build vehicles.

      Focus and concentration

      Focus and concentration are essential cognitive skills. It is amazing how long a child can concentrate when they are engrossed in a project! The 6 Magnetika™ sets each have something different to capture kids’ imaginations! The Magnetika™ Glow Tech set has the added attraction of the pieces glowing in the dark. Use a light with the coloured translucent tiles to illuminate their designs or play outdoors to use the light from the sun.