Help Your  Kids Develop Their movement
14th Jun 2018

Help Your Kids Develop Their movement

Have you noticed that children can’t sit still? Their constant squirming, wriggling and bouncing around is an important part of the development of their gross motor skills, using the larger muscles in the body. It’s also important for their cognitive development. As children grow, their ability to carry out more complex physical activities increases and this helps improve their thinking skills, memory, control of emotions, and concentration.

From birth, children are developing their gross motor skills as they lift their head and reach out. Soon enough they start to roll over, pull themselves forward in a ‘commando’ crawl and pull themselves up onto their hands and knees. This is all in preparation to get on the go as they crawl, pull themselves to a standing position and take those first hesitant steps.

Children 2 – 3 years are moving through the ‘toddling’ stages of early walking and developing their ability to run, jump and hop. They start to be able to throw and catch larger balls. And they can also push themselves around with their feet while sitting on a riding toy.


B. Rolling Mirror

Tummy time is important to help your baby reach physical milestones such as rolling over, crawling and eventually walking. Tummy time helps them develop muscles in their arms, shoulders, upper back and neck. Toys can make tummy time lots of fun and will help babies stretch and reach to interact with toys.

The B. Rolling Mirror is ideal for tummy time as babies will lift their head to look at their reflection and reach out to push the toy. As they start to crawl, they will continue to interact with the toy as they push it around.


First Play Tap & Dance Piano

The First Play Tap and Dance Piano is the perfect toy for children who are developing their coordination and rhythm. Kids will create tunes by jumping up and down along the giant 180cm keyboard. It has record, playback, demo and play modes as well as piano, saxophone, violin, clarinet, trumpet, banjo, xylophone and guitar sounds. And it’s lots of fun with friends!


Globber 3 Wheel Scooter - Purple/Black

Scooters are a great freeplay toy that lets children control their speed and direction. The Globber 3-wheel scooter has the advantage of 3 wheel balance with the freedom of assisted steering. It has a height adjustable T-Bar handlebar which can be adjusted to 3 height positions to grow with your child, until about 8 years of age. Scooters are a must-have for kids as they help them work on coordination, endurance, and overall strength as well as, importantly, getting them outside and spending time with friends.