Early Learning with Magnetika™
3rd May 2019

Early Learning with Magnetika™

Magnetika™ tiles provide a fun and interative way to develop important early development skills. Designed for 3-year-olds and up, these tiles are easy to grip for tiny hands as they refine their fine motor skills by grasping and manipulating shapes and are suitable for older children for early STEM learning as they learn about the principles of magnetic pull.

Magnetika™ comes in 6 fun sets to encourage creativity with only their imagination as the limit! While they come with their own sets of instructions, each set can be combined with others for even bigger and more complex creations!  


  • Magnetika™ Fantasy Set Contains 40 tiles  $59.99 shop now

  • Magnetika™ Glow Tech Set Contains 26 glow in the dark tiles   $39.99 shop now

  • Magnetika™ Link Tech Set 36 magnetic rods and balls  $59.99 shop now

  • Magnetika™ Light Tech Set 57 pieces including a multicolour LED tile   $79.99 shop now