Creativity With Make It Real
20th Mar 2019

Creativity With Make It Real

Written by Renee Stewart

Creativity can be defined as the use of imagination or original ideas to create something.

When considering creativity, you may think of traditionally artistic and structured activities such as painting, drawing and colouring, but children can be engaged in creative thinking for so much of their day that we might not even recognise it!

A child may be a painter, a sculptor, an engineer, a makeup artist, an actor, a conflict negotiator and a writer all in the space of an afternoon!


  • -Helps children communicate and share ideas
  • -Builds the foundations for problem solving and dealing with change
  • -Affects emotional intelligence
  • -Can enhance mathematical and scientific understanding; sorting beads to create a bracelet is a great way to recognise patterns and practice skip counting.

Providing visually appealing, open-ended materials is a great way to encourage creativity and Kidstuff has you covered with our Make It Real range.

Make it Real Dreamcatcher

Make it real and bring the world of creativity to life! The DIY dreamcatcher comes with metallic ring, silver cord, clear thread, over 225 stylish beads, 6 colours of satin ribbon, printed butterfly, gem stickers and Dream Guide magazine.

Make it Real Terrarium Jewellery

The Make it Real terrarium jewellery kit comes with everything you need to make three magical fairy world pendants including miniature flowers, coloured sand, and glitter moss.

Make it Real Rainbow Bling Bracelet

Learn simple knotting techniques to create five beautifully styled bracelets. The rainbow bling bracelet kit includes 5 colours of waxed cord, 70 stylish beads, gem link, charm and play tray.

Make it Real Mega Mermaid Makeover

Express yourself and give your look a magical underwater vibe with these mermaid-themed cosmetics and temporary tattoos.


  • DREAM CATCHER for ages 8+ years  $24.99 shop now

  • MEGA MERMAID MAKEOVER for ages 8+ years  $39.99 shop now

  • RAINBOW BLING BRACELETS for ages 8+ years  $9.99 shop now

  • TERRARIUM JEWELLERY for ages 8+ years  $16.99 shop now