5th Jul 2019


Written by Tom Holdcroft

Creativity is key when we think about embracing children’s imagination. Allowing them to express themselves is such an important step in their journey towards understanding who they are and how they fit into the world. As a child I can vividly remember the look of horror turning to a look of joy when my mother realised that a four year old me had repainted the kitchen cabinets - with my new primary colour poster paints. Whilst a happy memory, at Kidstuff we do have a few solutions which might avoid a professional cleaner being required.

We all feel a bit cooped up when the sky is gloomy, and at the moment the chilly weather just won’t let up. Children are no different, and so the more activities and opportunities to learn we can provide to them, the better. There is nothing better than a blank canvas and that goes for children of all ages. Large pads of paper are great, and you can find these in our Micador and First Creation ranges. A big space for your child to express themself puts less constraints on what they can make and do. Couple this with a range of drawing and design materials and I am sure you will be blown away by just what your child’s imagination can create.

At the moment at Kidstuff we have a fabulous new range called First Creations. This brand subscribes to the free creative play school of thought, helping children to shake off the confines of prescriptive tasks with pre-defined outcomes. First Creations is particularly exciting for us at Kidstuff as it identifies itself as a specialist range, designed, in part, for children under 3. Of course we always need to check the packaging to make sure a product is right for our child, but this range has a large collection of great non-toxic mark making tools shaped to help with fine motor skills and developing that creative repertoire.

It’s not just toddlers and little ones who need the space to express themselves creatively. We have some wonderful artistic kits, and tools in our other brands, such as Micador, icando and the always popular and convenient Tiger Tribe, these are suitable for all ages. Let your child’s imagination run away with them this winter. Cut, stick, draw and paint, the possibilities are limitless. How exciting!


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