5 Games to Play on Christmas Day
20th Dec 2019

5 Games to Play on Christmas Day

Christmas is the time of year that is synonymous with spending quality time with family and friends, while creating new memories. Although it can be tricky trying to organise the logistics of the day, there will always be special moments that will stick with everyone, especially how much fun they had! To help create these moments that will last for years to come, we’ve rounded up five games that will bring everyone together and keep everyone entertained.

The Classic Board Game: Monopoly Australian

Monopoly, the ultimate game of negotiation. Everyone has memories of spending hours around the board strategically thinking of ways to climb up the property ladder and taking risks to put a property on Mayfair. This Christmas, create new memories with this Special Edition Monopoly Australia while teaching the younger ones about finances and having fun moving around the board trying not to go to jail.

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For the Active Kids: FAO Swartz Laser Tag

The FAO Swartz laser Tag is the type of game gifted to the kids, but secretly, the adults want to play as well. Each set includes two laser shooters and chest plates that count every hit. It’s a great activity to get everyone involved, develop tactics while creating new memories running, hiding and tagging each other.

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To Challenge Everyone: Cranium

Rely on hidden talents when challenging everyone to a game of Cranium. Great for big families and small with teammates having to sculpt, draw, act and sing clues for their team guess answers to move around the board. Whether it’s a quick 30 minute game, a mid-sized 1 hour game, or the full-length version, the Cranium board game folds out into 3 different configurations making it easier to decide how long to play. The game of Cranium makes a great gift for those people who are really hard to buy for at Christmas.

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For the Younger Ones: HedBanz for Kids

Although the name suggests otherwise, HedBanz for Kids is a great game for all ages. Ask questions and collect clues while using deductive reasoning and problem solving skills to guess the picture on the headband. Everyone can enjoy the fun with this thrilling game of Who-Am-I, and it makes the perfect addition to family fun on Christmas Day.

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Fast-Paced Action: 5 Second Rule

Get ready for lots of laughter while playing the fast-paced, quick thinking game of the 5 Second Rule. The strategy of the game is to say the first thing that comes to mind when given a question. While it may be hard to name 3 wild animals, it might be easier to name 3 disgusting things people eat right off the bat! Take turns trying not to cave under the pressure of answering questions in 5 seconds or less, while everyone else will be laughing at the answers that come up. You’ll be surprised with the answers that can be thought of in under 5 seconds. 

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