Build A Bot
19th Apr 2019

Build A Bot

Thinking of ways to keep the kids entertained for 2 whole weeks can be challenging! If you’re looking for fun options that will keep them occupied, we’ve got you covered.

Build a Bot takes robotics to the next level by building and personalising your very own pet, and offers kits to aid STEM learning in young children! 

Key benefits:

1. Discover technology through hands on activities as they assemble, mix and match characters.

2. STEM learning mixed with fun! They’ll need to put their engineering caps on to put together mechanical and electronic pieces to bring life to their robotic pets!

3. Activity-focused to create real learning experiences.

4. Gives children confidence to take apart and play with mechanical parts to create a strong grasp of technology.

These kits are perfect for children ages 5 to 12 years but are also suited to younger children between ages 4 to 7 years with some help, these Build a Bot kits come in a range of cute characters with easy click-together pieces.