Bed Bugs


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Bed Bugs It's the classic game of critter-catchin' fun! Players try to catch those bouncing bugs as fast as they can! Players press the button on the bed to make it start shaking, then use the tongs to be the first player to catch all of the bugs of their chosen color. Bugs Are Bouncin It's a critter-catchin' frenzy!

The Bed Bugs game features a motorized bed that vibrates, making the little bugs jump around. Players use the grabbing, snatching tongs to catch the bugs as they bounce about, and race to collect all the bugs of their chosen color first to win. Collect the Same Color Bugs Kids can play this game over and over again as they try to catch the bouncing bugs with the tongs. Players catch the bugs as fast as they can, aiming to be the first player to catch all the bugs of their chosen color.

Once a player collects them all, shouts "Bed Bugs," and turns off the bed, all players put down their tongs and check to see if the player who shouted out has won. Have they collected only their color or bug in their pile or will the critter-catchin' frenzy continue? Hurry to Catch the Bugs Someone woke up to a problem that's itchy, so catch those bouncing bugs and do it quickly!

Little bugs are hoppin' and boppin' all over the bed. Players must take their colored tongs and try to catch their matching color of bug as fast as they can. Who will get all of their bugs out of the bed first to win?